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Kaila Flexer is a violinist, composer and music educator. She is co-founder of  Teslim, a quartet of Bay Area musicians dedicated to playing contemporary modal music inspired by Turkish classical and folk musics as well as traditional music from the Balkans. For a full bio, click here >>

Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are all doing well as possible and are keeping safe in these difficult and tumultuous times.

Artists everywhere are struggling—financially and emotionally. We miss playing for you and and with one another. We look forward to some creative ways to stay safe while sharing our music with you in a live setting of some sort.

In the meantime, please stay in touch and if you know people whom you believe would enjoy or be moved by our music, please let them know they can find our music here.

Things have got to change. Make your voices heard. Vote! Protest safely, make calls, send emails. We all feel overwhelmed but we have to mobilize now so that come November, we have new folks living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Black Lives Matter. Let’s dismantle the racist paradigm that runs our country. It’s time.

Take care and stay safe (wear those masks! Wash those hands!),


7 Decades is a recording project from the band Teslim of Kaila Flexer’s original compositions honoring her parents, Abe & Bobbie Flexer, who met when they were both 11 years old and are now 84. They have been happily in love for over 7 Decades. Click here to learn more, and here to purchase the album!

teslim-title2 (tes-LEEM) is a Turkish word that means both “commit” and “surrender.” It is also a musical term for a recurring theme in Turkish music. For us the recurring theme is that the trust we have in one another musically has allowed us to both commit and surrender to our own individual voices, hopefully creating something larger than the four of us.

Click here to learn more!

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