Kaila Flexer is a violinist, composer, music educator, teacher, producer, mother and succulentista!

Kaila has recorded three CD’s with her groups Third EarNext Village and the duo Teslim with multi-instrumentalist string wizard Gari Hegedus. Between 1989 and 2013, Flexer produced Jewish music events Klezmer Mania! and Pomegranates & Figs: A Feast of Jewish Music as well as smaller music events. She lives in Oakland, CA where she has a thriving teaching studio working with string players of all ages and levels on a variety of styles including traditional music from Eastern and Western Europe. Flexer studies and performs the music of various Balkan countries and her compositions reflect her love and respect for these styles. Over the years, she has performed with various groups including Club Foot Orchestra, Tumbao y Cuerdas, and with artists including Shira Kammen, Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Hamed Nikpay and Hollis Ashby.

About five years ago, Kaila became fascinated with succulents and felt compelled to plant them in found objects such as drum sets, red stilettos, vacuum cleaners, teapots, etc. She finds composing these succulent pieces similar to creating music—both work with the balance of texture, space and the arrangement of themes, colors and juxtaposition of the surprising and beautiful. Planting is a little quieter, but just as compelling. If you’d like to see some of her creations, visit the Grand Avenue Ace Nursery—the two large display windows have her pieces on display in tableaus that change slowly over time.

Kaila’s biggest project, and the one she is proudest of, is raising her daughter, Lucy, who is now 19 and is beginning her Sophomore year at UC Santa Cruz. She is a passionate dancer and plans to major in Politics.

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