7 Decades Project

Kaila’s parents, Abe and Bobbie, met in Mrs. Corcoran’s 6th grade classroom at Scranton Elementary, New Haven, CN. They developed a mutual crush, and except for a brief snag in 8th grade, at which time Bobbie felt the need to found the Anti-Flexer Society with a few other girls (it seems that Abe was pretty cute and knew it!); they dated throughout junior high, high school, college, got married (in 1956), and had Kaila and her younger sister, Mindy. Abe and Bobbie are now 83 and have been together for over 7 Decades and are still madly in love! Their relationship is completely egalitarian; they respect one another, value one another’s opinions and delight in one another’s sense of humor. And they are also brilliant, kind and generous! And that’s purely objective!

Over the years, Kaila has written them many compositions for birthdays, anniversaries and more recently pieces about Bobbie’s diagnosis (2 years ago) and treatment of Grey Zone Lymphoma. She has been doing really well on an experimental drug. Kaila has been honing these pieces and collaborating on arranging them with Gari Hegedus (oud, saz, tarhu) and Elana Brutman (Cretan lyra with sympathetic strings). The three plan to record 7 Decades in tribute to Abe and Bobbie and are doing a series of local concerts before going into the studio.

Personnel on 7 Decades Project:
Kaila Flexerviolin, tarhui
Gary Hegedusoud, saz (Turkish lute), mandocello
Elana Brutman – Cretan lyra with sympathetic strings
Joshua Mellingerpercussion (zarb, frame drum, cajon, snare drum, cymbals)

Special guests:
Ross DalyCretan lyra with sympathetic strings
Kelly ThomaCretan lyra with sympathetic strings
Miles Jaydouble bass
Cookie Seigelsteinviolin, viola
Joshua Horowitzpiano
Misha Khalikulovcello

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