You’re interested in violin lessons! Perhaps you’ve played classical music for years and you want to take violin lessons that allow you to branch out into other musical realms such as Balkan, klezmer, playing by ear and/or improvisation. Or perhaps you’re interested in violin lessons because you or your child wants to try out playing the violin for the first time. Whatever your reasons, violin lessons with Kaila allow you to explore new musical vistas!

Violin Lessons with Kaila

Bay Area violinist Kaila Flexer has been giving private violin lessons, or fiddle lessons if you prefer, in the Bay Area for over 20 years. A supportive and nurturing teacher, Kaila works with her students on the tools of music—tone, intonation, technique, reading and playing by ear—as a means to a student’s self-expression. Violin lessons with Kaila teach all of these tools which can be learned via panoply of different repertoire according to the tastes of the student.

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